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  Anti-Aging Medicine

As we age, our hormone levels decline as part of our "neuro-endocrine clock." This negative change can be detected in most people during their 30's and is directly related to the symptoms and undesirable changes in body form and function that we associate with aging. Physical deterioration is not a requirement of aging. It is possible to stop much of the undesirable aspect of aging as well as symptoms and diseases associated with aging. Our goal in Anti-Aging Medicine is to bring hormone levels back to physiologic levels of youth.

Hormones regulate activites of vital organs and stimulate a multitude of life-giving processes throughout the body which maintain health, harmony, healing, and repair. Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy has become popular as a method intended to delay the progression of age-related physical and mental decline and is an updated science which has been shown to prolong the quality of one's life.

Increases Memory and Brain Function
Increases Exercise Performance
Increases Sexual Performance
Increases Lean Muscle Mass
Stimulates Hair Re-Growth
Reduces Skin Wrinkling
Influences Weight Loss
Increases Bone Density
Increases Immunity
Diminishes Cellulite
Enhances Mood